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The APF provides a welcome source of information and support for people of all ages facing the challenge of a pituitary disorder diagnosis. From providing a network of members willing to talk on the phone, by email or in our secure chat forum; to running educational seminars and social activities, the APF provides a comprehensive support network to suit all tastes.

 The APF has successfully lobbied to increase the availability of pituitary medications – one success being to include Sandostatin LAR on the list of medications funded through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) from 1998. More recently, the APF has campaigned for PBS funding of Growth Hormone (GH) for severely GH-deficient adults. Today's GH deficient children - who are subsidised for the cost - are tomorrow's GH deficient adults where no subsidy is available.  The APF is supported by Australia’s leading endocrinologists, neurosurgeons, radiologists and endocrine nurses - whose active involvement includes providing articles for our newsletters and presenting at our patient information seminars. The Foundation takes the opportunity to present at health professionals conferences and symposiums on the patient perspective of living with pituitary disease.  In turn, the APF supports medical education and research – but we do not provide specific medical advice. Patients should always consult the appropriate medical professionals.

Healthcare Professionals


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 Annually, the APF stages seminar days around the country to promote public and media awareness of the needs of pituitary patients. Through various publications and resources - often made available on this website - the Foundation provides an authoritative knowledge-base for pituitary patients, their families and carers

The APF has developed extensive links with Australian and overseas endocrine patient support groups. This allows rapid access to the latest knowledge about disorders and treatments. It also creates a strong and united political position to inform governments about the requirements of patients with pituitary disorders. The APF has joined forces with the Children’s Growth Foundation of Australia to support the families of children with growth hormone deficiency.

 The funding to be able to provide these activities is raised by the APF through annual membership fees, donations, fundraising and sponsorship.

The Foundation is a registered charity and has DGR Status. Corporate sponsorship is encouraged.

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