Become a Volunteer

The Foundation Needs You!

Volunteers play a vital role in our society – from their high profile activities at the Sydney Olympics and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games to the less visible, but equally important, contribution to our local communities.

Like many support organisations, the APF needs volunteers to keep its wheels turning smoothly.

If you have skills you’d like to share and you’re keen to volunteer, please contact our support team.

We are especially looking for volunteers who have the skills to:

  • Join a state committee
  • Support parents and family members of people with pituitary-related illnesses
  • Generate media coverage and public relations activities
  • Research pituitary gland information for media releases and newsletter stories
  • Provide testimonials - telling your story to the media or for publication in our newsletter or on our Web site
  • Assist with updating and maintaining the Web site
  • Provide seminar day support
  • Organise social and fund-raising events
  • Establish links with other groups
  • Distribute brochures, posters and other material
  • Provide professional assistance such as legal or financial
  • Develop strategic initiatives
  • Create artwork – photography, graphics, illustration assistance
  • Provide graphic design services
  • Advocacy assistance 

If you’d like to find out more, please contact either the  support team at the APF or email or phone Sue Kozij on 1300 331 807.

You can also support the APF by making a donation, a bequest or by sponsoring an APF project – such as Web site material, video publishing, promotional material and educational booklets.