National Committee

Ms Malini Raj: Sydney (Chairperson):-
Malini has worked in the Finance industry over 15 years in several domestic and international institutions in areas of Accounting, Property,Financial Markets, Project Management, HR, Business Strategy, Small Business& Change Management in Retail & Institutional Banking.  

She has also been a volunteer for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and is involved in leading several committees and initiatives focused on promoting cultural and gender diversity and inclusion and encouraging Women in Leadership in the Financial Services Industry.  She has also previously held a Non-Executive Director  of Australasia.  role for the Financial Services Institute.

She joins the Australian Pituitary Foundation as a Director in 2015 and is passionate about driving a strategy to provide support to those who have experienced pituitary conditions and their families and promoting advocacy and awareness amongst the medical community and the public.

Ms Kimberly Statham: Sydney (Secretary):- 
Kimberly has 10 years’ experience in the legal services industry, where she has worked as a legal adviser to several leading national and international organisations across industries including financial services, telecommunications, FMCG and tourism.  In more recent years, she has taken leadership positions and was part of the Red Bull Australian Leadership Team and more recently the Assistant General Counsel of Carnival Australia, the largest cruising corporation in the world. She has recently taken a Commercial Law role at Woolworths which she will commence in late November 2016. 

She has been placed as a finalist for Lawyers Weekly’s In-house Lawyer of the Year Award in 2016 and has won the Australian “30 Lawyers under 30 Award” in 2014.  She is also a casual sessional academic with Western Sydney University.

After living in parts of South East Asia where access to healthcare in certain provinces was inaccessible and underdeveloped, Kimberly sought to invest more of her time in pro bono initiatives and is enthusiastic about assisting the APF’s strategic objectives in raising awareness and providing support to affected individuals, and their families.

Mr Rob Wilton: Perth (Treasurer):-
Rob brings a unique blend of expertise from his military leadership and commercial background having had a wide and varied military career as an Army Officer within the Special Forces.  Rob currently serves on several boards in the not for profit sector, and since leaving the military has held numerous positions within the corporate environment and gained several years invaluable experience in acquisitions and mergers, corporate finance, risk and corporate governance. He is a qualified CPA, and has served several terms as a treasurer on a variety of boards.

Rob is committed to assisting Australians lead healthy fulfilling lives wherever he can and relates heavily to the values and mission of the Foundation. Based on his wealth of diversified experience and qualified knowledge his career objective is to now utilise this experience into a purposeful, challenging and mission driven leadership role within the community service sector.

Dr Peter Welburn: Brisbane (Director)
Peter has over 35 years experience in Senior Management multi-disciplined roles in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  He has been involved in International drug development within Australia, Europe, UK and in both US Biotech and Pharma organisations.  He lead the R & D team that developed a new treatment for skin cancer from laboratory to Global regulatory approval and now runs his own Consulting company.

Peter joined the APF as a Director in December 2015, and is keen to use his medical background and experience in assisting the Foundation in its goal of supporting, increasing awareness and achieving better outcomes for patients with pituitary disease.   Peter is married with 4 children, and 4 grandchildren.

Mr Yi Yuen Wang: Melbourne (Director)
Yi Yuen (Ian) is a Neurosurgeon with 15 years of clinical experience.  He has undergone specialist overseas training in surgical treatment of pituitary disorders and is passionate about achieving optimal outcomes for patients with pituitary disorders.  He has been the Clinical Director of Neurosciences at St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne) and is involved in several tertiary hospital research and medical advisory committees.

Ian is actively involved in clinical research into pituitary disorders and has obtained significant grants to pursue these.  He has published outcome studies following pituitary surgery and is a supervisor for scholarly selective and PhD students, particularly with studies into pituitary conditions.  He is married with two children and spends what spare time he has training for endurance triathlon events.

Mr Mark Slater: Sydney (Director):-
Mark is a Fundraising and Communications Professional, passionate about business partnering, financial management, not for profit corporate governance, communications and marketing team management.

He is a Principal Consultant of the Buckminster Group, a consultancy for businesses wishing to understand how to harness the power of a philanthropic mindset to increase brand equity, social outcome and levels of engagement.

He has held several Board positions, including Animal Welfare League and is the Director of Development and Philanthropy at the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education. His past Executive roles include General Manager the Human Kind Project, Head of Marketing and Fundraising at YWCA NSW, General Manager Marketing and Communications St John Ambulance and National Communications Manager (Fundraising and Business Revenue) at the Australian Red Cross. 

Mark’s experience and passion for outcome based fundraising and focus on innovative partnering and solutions will assist the Australian Pituitary Foundation in achieving its objectives.

Our Medical Advisors

The Foundation works closely with a number of medical advisers who are specialists in the field of Pituitary Medicine.  These individuals volunteer their time to ensure the information supplied by the APF's is both current and of the highest standard.  It should however never replace the advice of your own medical adviser.

Medical Adviser 1

Professor Kenneth Ho, Endocrinologist

Medical Adviser 2

Professor Steven Boyages, Endocrinologist

Medical Adviser 3

Dr. Nicholas Maartens, Neurosurgeon

Medical Adviser 4

Dr. Sarah Olson, Neurosurgeon

Medical Adviser 5

Assoc. Professor Patricia Crock, Paediatric Endocrinologist

Medical Advisor 6

Loula Tsitis, Paediatric Psycologist