Our Volunteers

Noel Hickey: Volunteer

Noel is a Civil Engineer (MIE Aust) and Rita & Noel’s family consists of two daughters, one son, two grandsons and one granddaughter.  Noel has been involved in Uniting Church activities as a Youth Leader, Elder and Councilor all his life as well as being an assistant Scout Leader and Community worker. 

Noel had cranial surgery in 1986 for complete removal of a large pituitary tumour including the pituitary gland and subsequently has panhypopituitarism. He is a long standing member of the APF.

Barbara Elliott: Database Administrator and Consultant

Barbara Elliott.JPGAnswering our on-line wish published through the Goodcompany Wish Exchange, Barbara Elliott initially volunteered to assist with data entry of membership renewals and new membership applications. 

Over time Barbara's assistance has extended to working on the next generation of the Foundation's member database.  This exciting project is delivering a sophisticated set of web tools that will better service our growing National Organisation.  Working with a specialist website company the Foundation has developed on-line tools that will provide access for State Coordinators and, eventually, registered members of the Foundation, to relevant information that will significantly enrich the quality of service we are able to provide.

Tania Halford: Volunteer

Tania is the mother of 4 children, her youngest born with a Pituitary condition. After learning of the Australian Pituitary Foundation she joined up as a financial member. She has been a member for 7 years and a strong advocate for a better understanding of pituitary conditions, not only for children but also for adults, thus helps the Foundation in this field. 

Tania is available as a support contact for parents with children with pituitary conditions, offering her services to help wherever she can. She also helps by being a moderator for the Foundation’s social media. She has enjoyed meeting many new people with varied pituitary conditions, learning all things in relation to the pituitary.

Russell Fairweather: Volunteer 

Russ moved to Australia from the UK in 1982 with his wife Jan and children, Garry and Kay.  His background was in electrical engineering, but he now helps find work for people with disabilities. He also teaches at the local TAFE in the evenings. His pituitary problems were a major factor in his change of career, especially because the diagnosis was such a long time coming.

Russ was treated with transphenoidal surgery in 2000 and stereo-tacticradiotherapy shortly afterwards.

He’s an enthusiastic traveler, plays squash, goes to the gym and enjoys bush walking

Daniel Blomfield: Volunteer 

Daniel was born in Sydney in 1974 and has lived most of his life in Sydney.  He is married to Melanie, and has 2 beautiful girls.

Daniel was diagnosed with Acromegaly in Jan 07 and had surgery in Mar 07 to remove the tumour. Since the surgery Daniel has managed his growth hormone levels by an injection every 2 months. 

Being able to talk to other people that have pituitary problems has helped him and Daniel is eager to ‘give back’ to help others who want to talk to someone who has been through a similar experience.  Daniel was a celebrity in 2007 where his operation was filmed for the RPA show. There is not a lot of awareness of Pituitary Conditions so having his story aired on TV has hopefully helped people to recognise symptoms and seek help. 

Kathryn Skelsey:  Historical advisor

Kathryn first discovered the APF through a newspaper article about the organisation's initial set-up in the early 1990's, and has been involved at various levels ever since. Kathryn was initially diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease during her physiotherapy studies and thereafter underwent two transsphenoidal operations in 1986 and 1992. She first joined the Foundation in 1995.  Kathryn became the APF Secretary’s Assistant (1999-2001) and then APF Secretary in 2002 - a post she held until 2004.  

Since then, Kathryn has completed a part-time fine arts degree, while also establishing her freelance medical illustration career. She has contributed medical illustrations to the new series of patient of patient education books. Kathryn works part-time as a physiotherapist to her current focus is facilitating exercise for patients with diabetes and obesity and assisting research into adult chronic disease.

Craig Nolan: Volunteer

Craig found out about the APF while searching Google for information related to his condition. Craig has congenital hypopituitarism, meaning he has had the condition since birth. He has recently completed a Masters Degree in Communication Management and currently works in the sales division of a large transport operator.
Craig has recently been engaging with the Foundation's younger members and is keen to go further in highlighting the issues of teens and young adults with pituitary-related conditions.

Volunteers for newsletter mail-outs:

The newsletter is presently sent from Queensland where Sue & Eric Kozij very kindly volunteer their time.   Even on holidays the voluntary work of the Foundation has to continue.  This photo was taken recently at the Gold Coast when the Fairweathers and Kozijs met for a weeks holiday in the sunshine.  Qld were to hold a meeting in the following weeks and notices had to be sent.

What better way to do it than over a glass of wine and good company!

Feb 09 Holidays compressed1.jpg
Jan Fairweather, Russell Fairweather, Eric Kozij

Do you have the skills to...?

  • Provide testimonials - telling your story to the media or for our newsletter or  our website
  • Organise social and fund-raising events
  • Provide seminar day support
  • Establish links with other groups
  • Generate media coverage and public relations activities
  • Distribute brochures, posters and other material
  • Create artwork – photography, graphics, illustration assistance
  • Provide graphic design services
  • Assist with updating and maintaining the website
  • Provide professional assistance such as legal or financial
  • Research pituitary gland information for media releases and newsletter stories
  • Develop strategic initiatives
  • Support parents and family members of people with pituitary-related illnesses
  • You can also support the APF by making a donation, a bequest or by sponsoring an APF project – such as website material, video publishing, promotional material and educational booklets.

    The APF needs you!

    NVolunteers play a vital role in our society – from their high profile activities at the Sydney Olympics and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games to the less visible, but equally important, contribution to our local communities.

    Like many support organisations, the APF needs volunteers to keep its wheels turning smoothly.

    If you have skills you’d like to share and you’re keen to volunteer, please contact our support team.

    Check our Positions Vacant page to see what is available right now.....

    In particular, we’re in need of volunteers to assist with the everyday tasks involved with operation of the Foundation.  We also require a state coordinator for S.A.and Tasmania – if you’d like to find out more, please contact either the  support team at the APF or phone Sue Kozij on 1300 331 807.