State Co-ordinators

New South Wales Representative

This position is currently vacant

Sue Kozij:  Queensland Representative

Sue.JPGSue is a Brisbane girl who has been co-ordinator of the Queensland branch since 1998.  In 1996 Sue was successfully treated for a Cushings microadenoma.  She was on hormone replacement for two years post operatively while the residual tissue of her gland recovered, and today her body has completely healed and she no longer is dependent on replacement hormones.

In 1998 Sue picked up a copy of the Pituitary Connection while waiting for an endocrinologist appointment.  She admits she will never forget the excitement that ran through her veins at the prospect of meeting others with pituitary conditions, and raced home to make contact.  After several discussions with Ron Waters and Lloyd Roever she launched the Queensland support group shortly after.

Sue remembers her loneliness during her illness but considers herself to be “one of the lucky ones” and because of this, has a passion to help others who contact the Foundation for support.

South Australia Representative and NT Caretaker

This position is currently vacant. 

Western Australia Representative: 

This position is currently vacant

ACT Representative: 

This position is currently vacant

Steve Lewis: Victorian Representative

Steve Lewis is State Coordinator for the VIC Branch and will take care of the members in VIC.  Steve has undergone two pituitary surgeries himself and is keen about contributing to making a difference to the lives of those living with pituitary disorders. Steve will be facilitating regular social support gatherings and is also keen to increase the membership base in Victoria and encourage younger persons to become involved

Tasmanian Representative

This position is currently vacant.