While GH deficient

  • "I am constantly exhausted & I am sick of not having the energy I require to just be able to do everyday mundane things in life. Family & friends do not understand how much it impacts on your overall well being."
  • "Lack of energy and motivation, uncontrollable weight gain, low muscle tone, tendon injuries."
  • "It's hard to describe the biggest impact when it's all linked. I developed osteoporosis when I was 21 (having been off GH for almost 5 years). I broke my leg badly and then two ribs. I have/had the body of a frail old woman at age 21. The lack of energy and constant weight gain. It's a catch 22, how can you exercise if you don't have the energy. The mood swings have affected relationships."
  • "The biggest aspects of GHD are the increase in tiredness and exhaustion at the end of the day, even causing me to have naps in the afternoon frequently. This is compounded by the increased weight levels which add to the feeling of lethargy."
  • "Without GH I am listless, always sleepy and short tempered. I suffer anxiety and feel strained at all times. I am always overweight and restless. I have trouble with keeping "on the ball". I lack direction in my attitude. My lack of energy and lack of general wellbeing was the necessary reason for me to retire as an invalid."
  • "I would like to try GH but the current cost is too much. If I were able to at least trial it to see if it does make a difference, it would give me much relief to know that I have done all I can to improve my health."
  • "The saying 'bone weary' now has complete meaning. There are times that you are so tired you just don't care."
  • "How do you explain to family and friends why you no longer visit them or why you are not traveling to see them? It has torn our extended family away from us. They don't understand how we can go to a Dr and not 'get well'. My father went to his grave calling me 'lazy'."

When taking replacement

  • "Very exciting! I hope this is successful!! I have lost 5kg in 6 weeks on GH! And was able to attend a party for my mother - I was not scared to chat and did not feel the need to stay away... Everyone there thought I was 'all better' again. I am a self funded retiree aged 50 but would like quality of life too. Already I am planning a part time photography course (my former job) and a return to my hobby of genealogy. Not to mention sorting through 5 years of neglected house work/cupboard sorting etc."
  • "Taking GH replacement, I look more normal, reduced fat / weight and a huge improvement to overall well being and stamina."
  • "Increased appetite, blood sugar and maintained body temperature."
  • "Our son has benefited enormously from taking GH since the age of one. It has enabled him to maintain normal blood sugar levels, develop muscle tone and grow at a steady rate in line with his peers. To withdraw this treatment as he approached adulthood would be detrimental to his health, both physically and mentally. We are concerned that the cessation of GH will affect his physical appearance and health, thus affecting his self-esteem and inevitably his future well being."
  • "It feels like I have blood in my veins again. I wake up feeling refreshed. I feel 'happy' and motivated to exercise and socialise again. I can feel the weariness leaving me. I feel 'alive'."
  • "I was not able to work before taking Growth Hormone I started a job a few months after. I also had to sit down after simple tasks. I could not clean my house, I could not mind my Grandchildren which I do now. I also do errands for my elderly mother and take her shopping, I could not do these things before and it caused a lot of anguish and guilt as I did not know the difference until I started on growth hormone replacement and got my strength back. My husband has a normal wife again who is able to participate in life again. I find it hard to detail my life as there is no quality of life without GH replacement - it is the hormone that was missing."
  • "As the parents of a growth hormone deficient (adult) daughter my husband and I have been sharing the financial cost since our daughter has had to purchase the growth hormone. It is a large financial burden for us. She had time without it in her teens, but her quality of life was so drastically diminished it was clear that it was absolutely necessary. We have opted for the most that we can afford. It is really very disturbing to us since she has been through so much and is so courageous in dealing with all her health issues. It just seems so harsh to still have this avoidable ongoing strain placed on her."