Let's get subsidy for Growth Hormone for adults approved in 2016!

Growth Hormone (GH) replacement is an important component of standard replacement therapy for those patients with established pituitary disease. Its benefits have been well studied, and there are published Endocrine Society Guidelines for its use.

In 2001 an application was made, and rejected, for GH to be placed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for adults with pituitary disorders. A later submission was also rejected at the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Council (PBAC) meeting in July 2011. 

A new application has been lodged with PBAC

by ESA (Endocrine Society of Australia) and APEG (Australian Paediatric Endocrine Group)

The date for the hearing is 2-4 November... 

Never underestimate the power that is delivered in numbers.  
Thank you to the 165 people who responded to our survey request.
And, thank you to all the patients, carers, friends and health care providers
who gave their personal consumer submissions.

The PBAC will review everything at the special hearing 2 - 4 November. The PBAC then recommends to the Govt (or does not recommend or defer) the listing of this medication. This all takes about 6 weeks. There are other processes that need to be completed before the Government takes a final decision to implement any PBAC recommendation. If/when the Govt accepts the recommendation a launch date is set and this is usually around 3 – 4 months. This is to prepare for the launch, covering such things as medication availability in Australia…

The submission Title: Resubmission to request a Section 100 (Growth Hormone) Authority Required listing for the treatment of adults with severe growth hormone deficiency and substantially impaired quality of life at baseline.

Section 100 is The Highly Specialised Drugs (HSD) Program. When/if it is subsidised, access to the subsidised product will still be subject to strict examination and quality of life results.