2016 PBAC Subsidy submission for additional Acromegaly therapy in AUSTRALIA

Pegvisomant (Somavert) is an injectable medication used in the treatment of uncontrolled acromegaly, where therapies used (which are very effective) have failed to meet the desired effect in some patients.  It is registered, but not subsidised for use in Australia, and has been supplied on compassionate grounds for a small number of people in Australia.  It is used in other countries with good results.

An application has been lodged with the PBAC for Pegvisomant to be subsidised for use in Australia for those who have uncontrolled acromegaly.  The PBAC will consider the application at the 2 - 4 November 2016 meeting.

Thank you to Australian's who completed our survey.  Because only a handful of people in Australia have accessed Pegvisomant we invited patients from other parts of the world who have used Pegvisomant to support our consumer submission. (including "Sister Groups" such as UK Pituitary Foundation, Acromegaly Community and World Alliance of Pituitary Organisations).  Two video testimonials accompanied our consumer input giving two perspective of the need for this medication to be made affordable for use in Australia.