Useful resources for everybody!

The Australian Pituitary Foundation provides an impressive range of resources.  Many of these items can downloaded directly from this website, while others can be ordered from the Foundation.  Please see links to these various resources below.

Hormones & Me Booklets:

Merck Serono has written a wonderful series of booklets called the “Hormone & Me” Series. Click on the links below to download these booklets for yourself:

Or to obtain them in hard copy from Merck ORDER HERE.

Is it...? Booklets:

The APF brings you a unique series of booklets designed to provide a patient perspective on what to expect, including an explanation of the tests involved, real peer experiences and tips on coping.  This series continues to be expanded and is only available on this website:

Acromegaly Hand-Held Health Care Record

Endocrine Nurses Society of Australasia (ENSA) have produced a wonderful resource for Australian acromegaly patients.
This resource is particularly useful for the newly diagnosed, and those on long term therapeutic treatment.

It is recommended that at each appointment you discuss your treatments and screening tests with your treating doctor and nurse  to ensure that together you are able to complete the record accurately. 

Hand-Held Health Care Record for People with Acromegaly.  


It's OK to Ask

Handy hints on talking to your doctor about your tumour and treatment. 

Download more information