Become a Volunteer

Become A Volunteer

Volunteers play a vital role in our society – from their high profile activities at the Sydney Olympics and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games to the less visible, but equally important, contribution to our local communities.

Like many support organisations, the APF continues to be able to operate thanks to the kindness and generosity of its volunteers, donors and Sponsors.

Our volunteers, for the most part, comprise of Friends & Supporters of the APF themselves who give up their time, working in their homes, helping to keep costs low, to aid and support all our Friends & Supporters. They assist in administrative duties and many other valuable support services. The volunteers,and the time they expend, are profoundly appreciated by APF.

Become a volunteer at APF and help make a difference in people's lives by utilising your unique skills and expertise. Volunteers at APF have an opportunity to work in a variety of areas, depending on their skills, interests, and the availability of positions.

There are many different areas in which volunteer assistance is required. 

You can read about some of our current volunteers here.  

If you would like to volunteer, or to find out about the current volunteer opportunities at APF, please contact either the  support team at the APF, email or phone 1300 331 807, or go to our positions available page.