Community Events

Community events are important features of the social,cultural and economic life of our community. However, the level of resources, support and organisational co-ordination required to effectively deliver an events program such as this, can place significant strains on your resources and operations. 

Thousands of community events are held each year in Australia. Local festivals and events play a major role in community development; they improve social inclusion of all members of the community by bringing people together to build a sense of unity beneficial in the functioning of strong, healthy communities. They also provide opportunities for social interaction with local neighbours as well as wider communities, developing a feeling of strong belonging and establishing a sense of place and purpose. Community events are increasingly showing people new ideas and experiences and inspiring tolerance.  They are also often part of non-government organisations (NGOs) or not for profits (NFPs) fund raising and promotional activities.

Did you now that 1 in 5 People have an Undiagnosed Pituitary Disorder?

Australian Pituitary Foundation would love to be part of your next community event, to raise awareness of rarely known about pituitary conditions that exist, and often go undiagnosed, not only in Australia, but worldwide.