Corporate Support

The opportunity to give back

Supporting charity provides your business with the opportunity to pass on its good fortune and success while making significant improvements to the lives of many disadvantaged and vulnerable people throughout Australia.

Companies have long used philanthropy and supporting a cause as a public relations vehicle in an effort to garner positive feelings among the public and the media.

As a business strategy it makes a lot of sense when you consider that 84 per cent of consumers would switch brands to one that supports a good cause if price and quality were similar.  (2013 Cone Social Impact Study

A recent study showed that 28% of Australian women have switched brands in the past year because of that brand's support fora cause or charity (Cavill + Co, December 2011, Consumers switch brands to support a cause

By working together, you can capture the hearts, minds and emotions of your target audience whilst also boosting your profile, increasing your sales and creating great PR.  All the while we are able to raise vital funds and awareness for the Australian Pituitary Foundation whilst bringing real commercial and business benefits for your company.