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Charities have always relied upon individuals to help raise money for them. Volunteers may contribute just a few hours as a one-off action or work regularly for a charity for many years. There are examples of dedicated individuals raising enormous sums for their favourite charity, just in their spare time!

It’s a huge task to raise large amounts of money for charity so that they may continue to fund, raise awareness and provide support and information for everyone affected by pituitary conditions. It can seem extremely daunting at the outset, but with a positive attitude and some imagination you will be amazed how soon the money starts coming in.  However you choose to help us, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Like all charitable organisations, we are bound by the Charitable Fundraising Act,which was enacted to protect donors by ensuring that all charity fundraising activities are undertaken appropriately. Different fundraising legislation exists for each State and Territory.  It is important that we endorse all activities undertaken on behalf of the Australian Pituitary Foundation.  Accordingly, we ask you to please advise us about your activities before proceeding

Thank you for taking the time to look through just some of the ways in which you can contribute your much appreciated help.

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