Fundraise for Us

Like all charitable organisations, we are bound by the Charitable Fundraising Act, which was enacted to protect donors by ensuring that all charity fundraising activities are undertaken appropriately. Different fundraising legislation exists for each State and Territory.  It is important that we endorse all activities undertaken on behalf of the Australian Pituitary Foundation.  Accordingly, we ask you to please advise us about your activities before proceeding.

Thank you for taking an interest in raising vital funds for the Australian Pituitary Foundation. Your support enables our volunteers to support those all around Australia who are living with or are affected by pituitary conditions.

You can fundraise on your own, in a group, at school or at work.  You could even “go big”,  involve the local community too! However you decide to fundraise for us, we can provide materials, tips, ideas, budget guidelines and most importantly, help make your event a great success.

We’re excited that you’re interested in fundraising and happy to chat about your plans.    So to make sure your event is not only successful and fun, but that it is also legal and safe, contact us so we can help you.

How Can We Help?

·        Provide DVD’s with patients stories and experiences to run at your event

·        Provide printed brochures

·        Provide a volunteer speaker

·        Receipting donations

·        Event promotion

·        Supply APF Banners

·        Give you authority to fundraise

o  Evaluate your planned activity/event for risk, integrity etc

o  Ensure compliance with respective legislation

·        The APF may be able to supply Public Liability Insurance

We’re happy to discuss your fundraising ideas and find other ways we can help you.  You may already know what fundraising you’d like to do, or need some suggestions to get you started.  

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Get moving  – enter a fun run, walk, or bike ride event and have family, friends and colleagues sponsor you.
  • Undertake a personal challenge for sponsorship - weight loss, give up chocolate, no alcohol,  or learn a new skill.
  • Themed Dance – add a donation to the price of tickets. Speak directly to clubs or hotels who may offer a reduced price for a function room or food for a charity event.
  • Trivia night – hold a trivia night and charge an entry fee.  If you hold a trivia night in a pub, restaurant, club or café, persuade the owner to donate some takings from the night.
  • Dress up day – Get together with your school mates or colleagues and sponsor the principal or boss to dress up for the day. Persuade them to match the funds raised and donate themselves!
  • Dinner and Auction – organise a dinner with friends, family and colleagues and include an auction to raise more funds, seek out local businesses who may be interested in donating goods to auction.
  • Girls/Boys night in – ask your friends to bring a dish, have a night in and donate what money would usually be spent on a night out.
  • Back Yard Movies – get together with friends, share your favourite movies, grab some munchies and donate what it would usually cost to go to the cinema.
  • Fair/Fete – hold a Valentines, Easter or Christmas fair, selling crafts, cakes, cards and homemade gifts.
  • Second hand clothing sale  - fashion parade and– get together with friends and donate clothing that isn’t wanted anymore, price the items, make it fun and hold a fashion parade and sell them to the highest bidder.
  • Talent Quest or karaoke night – be brave, dare your friends to perform by sponsoring their talent!
  • Giant raffle – approach local businesses and encourage them to donate prizes for a raffle and ask if you can advertise the raffle in their business windows – the business gains attention for supporting a good cause and at the same time it promotes your raffle.
  • High Tea – host a high tea and invite friends and family, for a donation.  Dress up in “high tea” fashion; ask local businesses to donate raffle/auction prizes too!

Looking for something else?  You'll find  more great ideas here!

And lastly but most importantly, thank you for your support and good luck!