Other Ideas to Help Raise Money

Entertainment Book.

The Entertainment™ Book is a local restaurant and activity guide which provides hundreds of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from the finest restaurants, cafes, attractions, activities, retailers and hotel accommodation.The Membership entitles buyers to exclusive offers that are virtually restriction free, literally pages and pages of offers to enjoy all year long.The brand new Entertainment™ Digital Membership puts all of the value of the Entertainment™ Book into the customer's smartphone. With 'near me' technology and the ability to show and save using a phone, this is perfect for the person on-the-go, with no card or voucher to present.  Just follow the link

Sell stuff.

Buy items that you can sell to raise money. There are many companies who sell goods wholesale to non-profits for resale. A hot trend right now is to sell chocolate or other candies that most people enjoy

Odd Jobs.  

Wash cars, mow lawns, walk someone's dog, offer your services to friends, family and neighbours and get them to make a donation.

Shopping Tours. 

Combine retail therapy with socialising: book a shopping tour, an all-day spending spree taking participants to factory outlets and discount stores selling clothes, shoes, home wares, glassware, china and more. Many companies run these tours and offer you assistance to make it a positive fundraising experience.You make your money from a margin on the ticket sales and from raffles run throughout the tour.

Host a Home Party Plan. 
We’ve all been to them, the famous Tupperware,Bessemer, Linen, Candle parties – you name it, there’s a “home party” for it.  People who demonstrate their products in your home are more than happy to help you organise a fundraising event and usually reward you by either, giving you  free product rewards (which you could then donate for raffles, auctions etc); or offering a cash rewards based on sales amounts.  You could also make these fun with dress up and asking for gold coin donations.