Make a Tax Deductible Donation


APF is an endorsed deductible gift recipient within Australia.

All donations over $AUD2.00 are tax deductible (if residing in Australia)

and a receipt will be issued.

By making a donation to Australian Pituitary Foundation you are extending your hand to assist people in the community living with pituitary conditions.   As a Not For Profit organisation who does not receive any ongoing government funding, we are reliant on donations, memberships and sponsors to support us in our efforts.

With your help we can continue to deliver our vital support services to improve quality of life for people affected by pituitary disorders and educate and create awareness in the wider community.

Your donation helps us support…..



Your donation assists people with pituitary disorders with access to information, resources and support services during their diagnosis and treatment


Families & carers

By donating you can not only help patients, but you will assist whole families & carers with the physical and emotional effects of living with pituitary disorders, through the provision of information, resources and support networks 

Health care providers & the wider community

It can, in some instances, take as long as 10 years for a pituitary disorder diagnosis!!  With your donation we can continue our vital awareness and education campaign to drastically reduce this time frame and achieve much happier outcomes.

… and we are truly grateful!!

So please take the time to look at the many ways in which you can donate.