One Off Donation

Make a One Off Donation

Making a one-off donation online is the simplest way you can help.  Every donation, no matter how large or small, helps us to provide our services .  You will be able to donate using your Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) or PayPal  

Note: Select General from the drop down menu next to Donation Type

To make a safe and secure tax deductible donation (via eWay Secure Online Payment Gateway) click here.

Give Regularly

Can you spare just a

couple of dollars a month to support pituitary patients

and their families?

We would like to encourage people, if they are able, to make a regular giving contribution to the APF

By donating regularly you will help people with pituitary conditions secure the ongoing support essential for them to get through their day to day lives, safe in the knowledge that this support will continue to be available for them

A monthly donation via your credit card or bank account can mean so much to us, and the quality of life of those with pituitary conditions

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is optional.

Both the employee and the employer must agree to participate

The APF is a not for profit organisation with DGR status

Creating a regular workplace donation to the Australian Pituitary Foundation is a simple and effective method for employees to make a huge difference to the lives of those affected by pituitary disorders

Involvement in this voluntary scheme entails employees nominating their charity, and the amount they would like to donate to this charity, from each pay. This can be a pre-tax donation, and is processed through your business payroll each pay day. You can donate anything from a couple of dollars to several hundred per pay.
An easier way to establish workplace giving is through Good2Give where APF is registered as a recipient

The ATO website has guidelines on setting up a workplace giving program - click here for more information.

Dollar Matching

There are many organisations that choose to match donations made by employees, to express their commitment to supporting causes that are important to their staff.  Employees are especially motivated when they discover that their employers will double what they donate to the Australian Pituitary Foundation

Have you ever considered introducing a system or program that acknowledges employees donations and/or fundraising efforts?

If you would like to consider the possibility of your business participating in Workplace Giving or Dollar Matching, please contact us at or call on 1300 331 807 to discuss