Projects to Support

The Australian Pituitary Foundation is committed to raising awareness of pituitary disorders to not only enlighten the general community, but to educate health professionals in an effort to have these often rare conditions, diagnosed much earlier. 

1.   Pituitary Awareness Week – every year in July/August we celebrate Pituitary Awareness.  Our wonderful volunteers have been getting out and spreading the word in shopping centres, hospital foyers, workplaces etc. We are happy to provide everything you need to help us out so please consider supporting us.  You can find more information about what we do and what we’ve done on our Pituitary Awareness Week page.

2.   State co-ordinators play a vital prole in connecting people with similar conditions,whilst supporting them and their families. In 2018 we hope to recruit 5 new state co-ordinators. Are you interested is assisting us?  Or would you like to help finance this initiative through a donation?