Pituitary Awareness Week

One of the highlights of the year for the APF community is Pituitary Awareness Week (PAW).  Activities are arranged in most States for the benefit of both newly diagnosed members as well as long standing members.  PAW is promoted through the APF and specialist health professionals, as well as though radio, tv and press exposure.  Most events are free.

The objectives of the week are to:

  • Facilitate the diagnostic process: Media coverage, as well as displays within major hospitals provide information about pituitary disease and diagnosis to enable those with undiagnosed pituitary disease to recognise their own symptoms and seek appropriate treatment (and also enable friends/family to encourage them to act on symptoms they notice)
  • Enhance the diagnostic process: Encourage health professionals to recognise, accurately diagnose and appropriately refer patients for specialist treatment
  • Educate existing patients, carers and health professionals: Improve understanding of pituitary disorders among patients, their families and carers to boost long-term self-management and the quality of life


Pitutary Awareness Week FAQs




A week of activities, information seminars, displays and media publicity


The week aims to provide opportunities for patients and carers to gain more information and support, and to increase awareness about pituitary disorders in the community and amongst health professionals


Pituitary disorders are relatively rare but complicated conditions that require specialist coordinated health care.  Health providers, patients and those who interact with them, all benefit from a greater understanding of the intricacies and management of pituitary disorders.

Very often pituitary disorders can go undiagnosed for years resulting in prolonged and sometimes permanent debility, and disruption to the quality of patients’ lives and the lives of those around them.  Therefore increasing awareness in the medical and general community may enable earlier diagnosis and thus more effective treatment and management.

Once diagnosed, patients and families/carers often feel isolated due to a lack of contact with others and overwhelmed or confused by the new diagnosis and treatment decisions.  Special events during the week, and other resources provided by the APF give these people the opportunity to gain the support they need.


Events are organised by voluntary committees that represent the individual state branches of the APF.  Most events are free, and funding is generously provided by sponsorship from the pharmaceutical companies that support us, membership fees and donations.

To get involved or find out more information contact your state representative