2015 Promotion

1st September 2015

Pituitary Awareness Week 

Pete was very busy in WA.  He attended the GPCE on that weekend, manned a pituitary awareness stall all week, visited clinicians and nurses at various Perth hospitals and hosted a patient education event the following weekend!  Phew!  

APF would like to sincerely thank Pete and long-time stalwart of the Foundation, Lana, for manning the awareness stall that week.  It proved to be successful with Pete and Lana speaking to various people with pituitary conditions.  Lana was delighted to be shown through the radiation oncology unit with Dr. Brendan McKernan. 

Pete PAW Stand WA 2015

A very tired looking Pete manning the 

Pituitary Awareness Week stand

2013 Promotions

Awareness 2013

Between 22nd to 26th July, Beth Killeen set up Pituitary Awareness displays at 3 community shopping centres and 1 major teaching hospital in Western Sydney.  

 Centro Nepean - Penrith

St Mary's Village 

St Clair Shopping Village  

This proved to be extremely successful with a large number of community members who were oblivious to pituitary problems stopped to ask many questions and take away reading materials for a “friend or relative that just might have some of those symptoms”…..

 Nepean Hospital - Penrith

The stalls were also a reminder for some people, prompting them to “go back for a check on their endocrine problem because they had let it slide”…

2009 Promotion

Health Matters

Professor Ken Ho, Head of the Pituitary Research Unit at the Garvan Institute once again assisted the Foundation in promoting “Pituitary Awareness” on the show Health Matters with Dr John D'Arcy.   John’s show is aired on Sunday mornings between 8-9am on 32 stations around the country.   The interview was held during Pituitary Awareness Week.  


PAW display 09.JPGCommunity Festival

In Brisbane, on Saturday 25th July, Eric & Sue Kozij set up a static display at a community festival which attracted approx 18,000 people through the gates.  Centenary Rocks! Festival accommodated a special community health section, where other organisations, such as Lupus Association held information stalls.

Media Coverage in 2008

National TV: Channel 10

On Monday the 7th of July, the APF was featured on the 9am program with David and Kim.  We were represented by Beth and Connor Doig, Kel Childs and  Professor Ken Ho from the Pituitary Research Unit at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.  Professor Ho spoke with regards to the medical aspect of pituitary illnesses and treatment.    Connor, who is 10, has Panhypopituitarism.  Beth, Connor’s mum and Connor, 10, spoke of Connor's hypopituitarism and the limitations of the growth hormone injections which Connor requires on a daily basis. Kel spoke briefly about his condition, Acromegaly and also discussed the APF and our upcoming Pituitary Awareness Week and seminars.   

KHo.JPG           IMG_0655.JPG
Professor Ken Ho              Kel Childs, Beth Doig, Connor Doig & Jill Murray

South Australia

Peter Goers, announcer with ABC FM Radio, invited the APF on to his program on Monday 21 July.   Professor David Torpy, Endocrinologist, Pam Nicholson who suffers with Acromegaly and Loretta Schar attended.   The interview went for about 20 minutes and Loretta found him to be genuinely interested in the talk and particularly endocrine disorders.

Western Australia

Elizabeth Howell was interviewed by Kerry Scott on community station, Radio Fremantle.  Kerry hosts a medical programme and had interviewed Elizabeth last year.  Kerry is proving to be a great supporter of the APF.  The seminar was promoted on both her medical programme and on a gardening show she hosts on another community radio station Curtin FM.  Not only did she attend the seminar but she also arranged for three more interviews, one from Dr. Hurley, another from Emily McKenzie our new co-ordinator and the third from Jenny John, an APF member who is also the state co-ordinator for the Addison’s Support group.  


4GR - Radio Toowoomba.  Sue Kozij participated in a short interview with Graham Healey on The Midday Show to promote Pituitary Awareness Week.   Graham asked many questions mostly related to where the gland was situated, what the symptoms are and where was the best place to get treatment.  Sue thought this a great opportunity to encourage people with symptoms, however subtle, to suggest to their GP they could be pituitary related, and request tests so that they can be referred to a specialist in the field called an “Endocrinologist”.


Channel 9 Local News NQ & Townsville Bulletin  - Ann Robinson, presenter at the Townsville seminar spoke briefly about pituitary disease with Stephanie Dank and her daughter Chloe Grace Dank who was born with Panhypopituriatism  on the 16th June 2005.   Stephanie spoke with both Channel 9 & the Townsville Bulletin about life dealing day to day with the condition - for example amounts of medication along with injections that Chloe needs to have daily. 

Townville Sun – Kay Richter, member, was interviewed and a photo taken for the Sun newspaper.  Kay spoke of her protracted diagnosis and the symptoms of her condition, Acromegaly.   Kay also promoted the Australian Pituitary Foundation as a very valuable organization to be a member of.

“Good work Kay!!!”


Coastal Times Newspaper, Burnie.    Member, Melissa Syme always comes to the fore down there in Tasmania when we call on her to help with publicity!  Thank you Melissa.  Melissa had a couple of photos done which were published along with her story of diagnosis, which were initially symptoms of vision impairment.  It is a great article, setting out information about the APF as well as symptoms to look for and what can go wrong... click here 

APF Displays at Major Hospitals

 Pituitary Awareness week - Nepean Hospital Penrith


Pituitary Awareness Display – Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane




Display at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney


Elizabeth Howell & Lana Kelly at the APF display,
Royal Perth Hospital