Request Posters and/or Hard Copies

Your interest in the APF is very much appreciated , and while we have provided many resources to share with you online, you may wish to promote awareness  and avail yourself of "hard copies" for your offices, rooms or patients.

Following are a selection available to order, with a downloadable order form below.  Please complete and return form by either scanning to email, faxing or posting to address provided on order form.

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   Pituitary Gland
  Pituitary Awareness
Symptom Head
  What Does the
Pituitary Do?
  Is It Acromegaly?
Is It Cushing's
  Is It Hypopituitarism?
  Is It a Non-Functioning
Pituitary Adenoma?
   Is It a Prolactinoma?
  Patient Handout
Brochures (trifold - outer)
  Hard Copy Newsletters
(not latest edition)
Information on APF 

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