Australian Conferences

The APF is often invited to attend and present at conferences for pituitary related conditions and pituitary support groups. These are just some we have attended recently.

2015 Educating Nurses

Ausmed Education contacted APF to present at a Nurses “Hormone” Meeting late last year (2015) in Brisbane.

Sue Kozij delivered information on APF activities and services to patients and also gave insight into the journey of Cushing’s Disease.  

Emma, one of our members, turned a serious subject into a sometimes entertaining presentation!  What a great job you did Emma!. The nurses,ranging from school nurses to ward nurses to psych nurses listened intently to Emma’s presentation on her pituitary journey and in particular her management of Diabetes Insipidus.   

ENSA Symposium 2012

Our Daniel was invited to open the day to tell of his experience of ongoing care for Acromegaly. In particular what an important role the nurses (who are now an important part of his life) have played.

Daniel explained the processes from a patient viewpoint, what it is like to receive the injection required to keep his excess growth hormone under control, throwing in a few jokes at the same time. Of importance was the assistance provided to help him understand his hormone levels, and the value of the nurturing care they have provided to keep him on track and re-assured.

At the very end Sue was asked to provide information on the latest resources and developments within the APF and the benefits we can provide patients and families on membership. 

It was a wonderful day and we thank the Society and Novartis for inviting us.

While there we met many nurses, some who we know and some we just met.The “New Zealand Girls” had some fun getting together for a photo with us. Instead of “Cheese” we all recited “Diabetes Insipidus” then had a good laugh as you can see.