2009 Conferences

Endocrine Symposium of Australia 2009

The Foundation attended the Endocrine Symposium of Australia 2009 which was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

2009 ESA conference.jpg

This was the first opportunity for the Foundation to display it’s new banner which received many positive comments.

Many thanks to all the doctors and nurses who visited to say hello and encourage the Foundation.  Support groups such as ours value the recognition health professionals offer in supporting what we would consider a very important aspect of a person’s ability to cope.

Endocrine Nurses Symposium Australia 2009

Thanks must go to the Endocrine Nurses’ Society of Australia for welcoming us to this year's breakfast and symposium.  They certainly put on a fantastic program of the highest quality – the majority of the symposium was on the pituitary gland and associated conditions.  Wow!  

They also had a segment on Nurses in Action which unfortunately due to other commitments with fellow members in the ESA exhibition hall we were unable to attend.  

Nurses are so committed to patients, they not only assist with the ongoing management needs, but also the personal mental health needs and family support a pituitary patient often seeks. 

The Foundation is grateful for the professional relationship we continue to enjoy with this group.