GP Seminars and Events

The APF puts a lot of effort into education for GP's across Australia in an effort to raise awareness and promote early diagnosis.

Adelaide 2014

Pituitary Disease – all the latest for GP’s

Once again the APF was very pleased to provide a quality program on the pituitary gland at the Tennyson Centre, Kurralta Park (Adelaide) in South Australia, care of GP Partners Australia. The objective was to educate GP’s and Allied Health members in recognising the patient in primary care, with a view to an earlier diagnosis.

Endocrinologist, Dr Peak Mann Mah, from Lyell McEwan Hospital, made a presentation that was a very comprehensive overview of the vital role the pituitary gland plays and the importance of early detection. Topics covered were; 

Dr Peak Mann Mah
recognising symptoms of pituitary disease, key treatment strategies for pituitary disease and current long term management of pituitary diseases. 

Dr Mah presented a number of case studies which prompted a considerable interest and many questions from the audience, and was supported by two APF Volunteers whose presentations were; Acromegaly diagnosis, and complete hormone replacement management in Panhypopituitarism, from patients' perspectives.

A very successful outcome was achieved which was demonstrated by the 42 very interested and enthusiastic local health care providers who attended.

Bendigo 2014

Multi Disciplinary Care of the Pituitary Patient

On the evening of 9th September 2014 the APF held a GP Educational Seminar at the Lodden Mallee Murray Medicare Locals rooms in Bendigo Victoria, which was extremely well attended.  The objective was to educate GP’s and Allied Health members in recognising the patient in primary care, with a view to an earlier diagnosis.

Endocrinologist Dr Carmelo Caputo made presented valuable information and insight on the importance of the GP in the pituitary patient, from diagnosis to longer term care.  This included recognising when to screen for pituitary diseases, the appropriate tests to order, when to refer and to whom. 

Dr Carmelo Caputo and 
Mr Yi Yuen Wang
Neurosurgeon Mr Yi Yuen Wang delivered information on the role of the pituitary neurosurgeon specifically.Both presenters recognised the importance of the GP in the multidisciplinary care of pituitary patients in the short and long term. 

They were also supported by two APF Volunteers who made presentations on Acromegaly diagnosis & complete hormone replacement management in Panhypopituitarism from a patient’s perspective.

A very successful out come was achieved and it appeared that our“country” medico’s could not get enough of the education the APF had to offer,as was evidenced by many of the participants being willing to stay a little late to have all their questions answered.

Wagga Wagga 2013

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We had a great turn out at the patient seminar in Wagga on Saturday 4th May, 2013.  I am sure that all there sincerely appreciated having Dr. Ann McCormack, from the Garvan Institute and Dr. Mary Freeman travel from Sydney to present for them. Dr. Mary Freeman is a visiting Endocrinologist and has a permanent clinic there.  

Some patients travelled up to 3 hrs from further regional areas surrounding Wagga. This was also a great opportunity to finally meet, face to face, some of our members who we have been involved with.   

A little advertising before the event encouraged the local paper, Daily Advertiser, to arrive on the day to interview one of our local members, Daryl and Dr. Freeman. The editorial looked great with a small number of us having a photograph appear, along with some information about the pituitary and Australian Pituitary Foundation.

Darwin 2013

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This event was held at the Travelodge in Darwin on Friday evening, 10th July, 2013.  Interest and attendance was beyond our expectations for a smaller population with 24 local doctors and nurses attending. Assoc. Prof. Warrick Inder, from Princess Alexandra presented for us on “recognising the patient in primary care” and “long term follow up”.  

Cristel, originally from Darwin, told of per personal story of the difficulties and frustration of trying to find a reason for all her debilitating symptoms, ending with a personal thank you to the Endocrinologist who “picked it straight off”. Sue also spoke of a long diagnosis time, and the fact that her conditions was cyclicable (meaning the blood tests were normal and not normal at other times) also mentioning that she knew from the signals from her body that the condition had returned before getting results from blood tests. Both women encouraged doctors to listen to their patients, and Assoc. Prof. Inder re-enforced that opinion in his presentation.

Dr Michael Nixon (NT Remote Health), Sue Kozij, Dr Warrick Inder, Dr AnnieWhybourne (Paediatrician), Cristel Woelfel, Dr Barbara Bauert (Public Health Physician)

Everyone enjoyed it so much they remained seated on conclusion for a relaxed question and answer setting.  On arrival while welcoming guests a question was asked by an attendee: “What one most profound symptom would inspire me to run those expensive tests?” The answer?  “Usually you need to identify a cluster of symptoms, and one of the most profound symptoms for many is very common – fatigue.” After a quick chat with Dr Inder he then included in his presentation that it was a misconception that pituitary tests were expensive.