National Events

The APF regularly offers educational seminars for members, their families and carers across Australia.  These are not only health related and at times include seminars on psychological well being.    

Workshop – Glenelg S.A. 2014

The Mix of Medical,Psycho-social and Spiritual Experiences, following the
Diagnosis and Treatment of Pituitary Tumours

Dr Hayley Whitford – Scientist, Cancer Council Australia, facilitated a workshop about the impact of pituitary disease on both patients and carers, touching on topics such as mood issues, fatigue, body image, sexuality, and fear of recurrence. The workshop guided attendees on howto best discover meaning and purpose in life and how such insights can improve coping abilities, motivation, and one’s identity outside of just one’s health status.

In addition to providing attendees with guidance on support services in SA, Dr Whitford discussed the latest research on the importance of self-compassion, especially for those struggling to deal with an often invisible illness, feelings of isolation and helplessness, and navigating the challenges of the medical world.

Dr Hayley Whitford and Eric Kozij

Her primary research interest is in the area of health psychology. Specifically, she works in the area of psycho-oncology which focuses on the bio-psycho-social-spiritual aspects of the cancer journey (including diagnosis, treatment, survivor-ship,palliative care, care giving, and bereavement). She is also interested in research methodology, quantitative statistics, and clinical psychology, and has a background in forensic psychology.

Hayley was very bubbly; the audience warmed to her very quickly and found her talk very inspirational.