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Awareness and Promotion
As well as organising events in Pituitary Awareness Week,  to raise awareness, our dedicated members, volunteers, supporters and medical advisers, take the time to promote the APF wherever they see an opportunity.
Australian Conferences
The APF is often invited to attend and present at conferences for pituitary related conditions and pituitary support groups. These are just some we have attended recently.
International Seminars
The APF is fortunate to have had the opportunity to represent Australia at a Global Pituitary Patient Advocacy Meeting.  This group now has an action plan for the launch of a global network, whose objectives are to organise an international community of pituitary groups and to advance the groups’ advocacy skills through the sharing of best practices worldwide.
GP Seminars and Events
The APF puts a lot of effort into education for GP's across Australia in an effort to raise awareness and promote early diagnosis.
National Seminars 
The APF regularly offers educational seminars for members, their families and carers across Australia.  These are not only health related and at times include seminars on psychological well being.