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It’s tough being a person with a pituitary disease or condition – and it’s not easy for your families and carers, either. 
The Pituitary Gland is perhaps one of the most important but least known glands in the human body.  Most people have not even heard of it, yet it has an enormous control over our body’s ability to function normally.  We make up a very small and quite rare group of patients, and as such feel isolation and sometimes despair.
Often, the opportunity to meet or talk to someone who understands can be a great comfort.  Family members and partners benefit also as they seek support alongside you.
That’s where the Australian Pituitary Foundation Ltd (APF) can help.  The Foundation was established to assist adults and children/families with pituitary-related illness.


We've  established a patient support group which exchanges information, experiences and canvasses a range of strategies through a library of literature, as well as meetings, telephone contacts and online networks.  The Foundation helps promote a sense of unity and support which in turn makes you feel more in control.  A strong body of literature shows that belonging to such a group can assist with well-being.  Click on your State above to find out what's going on.

  • Initial telephone contact to enquirers who have been newly diagnosed or seeking communication.
  • Social support meetings are held in most states.  Your state representative can provide more information. 
  • A phone and email Patient Contact Register is available for "Friends & Supporters" of the APF who want to personally contact other "Friends & Supporters" of the APF with a pituitary-related illness. The register for adults/carers/parents of children is available to current "Friends & Supporters" of the APF only. 
  • Educational seminars throughout Australia with DVDs of the seminars available for regional and remote "Friends & Supporters" of the APF.
  • A closed facebook group to network people with pituitary-related illnesses and their carers. Participation in the group is only available to "Friends & Supporters" of the APF.
  • Support teleconferencing groups that connect you with others who are going through a similar experience, no matter where you are in Australia.  It gives an opportunity to give and receive support, share experiences, information, and practical tips, tools and strategies.
  • Quarterley newsletter featuring an article on pituitary related matters and demonstrating activities of the Foundation.
  • "Understanding Your Pituitary Problems" book will be mailed to you on joining. 
"My endocrinologist referred me to the Australian Pituitary Foundation - another source of information and support.
I sent off my membership form and joining fee immediately and then poured over the articles by fellow patients and medical authorities in back issues of the newsletter when they arrived. I read the pituitary booklet called, “Understanding your Pituitary Problems” that is sent to all new members and what a great little introductory source of information it is. I ventured onto the net and eagerly attended my first APF meeting. This group has been a wonderful support to me. I have made new friends who all have a common strong interest, our health. Talking with others can also help us view things from another perspective. Sharing experiences can relieve the stress of diagnosis and can be both supportive and helpful with acceptance. I hope sharing a little of my experiences may be helpful to others in some way."

Interactive Map
Interactive Map