APF Support New South Wales

Sadly, New South Wales is missing a state representative....We have a small number of "Friends & Supporters" of the APF who possibly would love to meet over coffee etc on the odd occasion. Are you the one to help us arrange these informal events?  If you would like to know more please click  here to view our current advertisement(s).

Garvan Institute education day

Download the flyer here

Dr Ann McCormack hosted an education morning for adults at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in May. There was quite an audience there and it was also an opportunity for some of our new Directors and Board Advisors to attend to gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by pituitary patients.

The 50 + years history was very entertaining and Dr McCormack must have put hours into the research! 

The topics were really relevant to many: 
  • New medical therapies for pituitary tumours
  • Radiation therapy for pituitary tumours in 2016
  • What is the hypothalamus - exactly?
  • Eye disease, vision and pituitary tumours
  • Exercises for resilience while faced with a chronic condition
 Dr Ann McCormack and Dr Cecelia Gzell

 Kimberley Au and Sue Kozij from APF  A/Prof Clare Fraser, Beth Killeen from APF
with her specialist, Prof Mark McLean

John Hunter Hospital education

Download the flyer here.

The weather was cold but a lovely day was had with families and some children who learned so much from the wonderful doctors and nurses.

Thanks to A/Prof Trish Crock and her team who organised the day. 

     Topics included:
  • Diabetes Insipidus in children and adolescents
  • Sleep issues in hypothalamic and pituitary disease, including central and obstructive sleep apnoea and the use of melatonin for insomnia
  • Puberty issues and hormone replacement  – girls and boys
  • Hydrocortisone workshop – practical session including emergency injections 
  • Adult discussions, including medications and question and answer opportunities 
 A/Prof Trish Crock and Dr Tanya Gulliver  

Later a great spread was put on for lunch and we sat around discussing all sorts of things such as the current subsidy submission for Growth Hormone to travelling overseas.


 APF member Caroline, with nurses Liz Nunn &

Katherine Prior, and "Duffy" the injection doll

Dr Sham Acharya
with Daniel Blomfield from APF

Xmas Get Together

NSW Members Xmas 2015
Our latest get together was at a little café in The Rocks on Saturday 21st November and it was nice to see some old and new faces and finally getting to meet our newest board member Malini Raj.

These little get togethers are laid back and every one can talk about thier conditions and just chit chat over some lunch. I was asked if it is possible to have more regular get togethers, and in the New Year, with the help of some volunteers, I will organize small café meetings on a regular basis in Sydney every month or two.

A day at the historical Sydney Rocks

A great day started with a look around the discovery museum at the Rocks, Sydney.  The kids liked the treasure hunt especially, which was to learn about the history of the rocks area in Sydney, added to the entertainment.

Afterwards, we met at The Observer Hotel for lunch and a yarn. The food was fabulous, and the surrounding markets were fun to explore.