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Sadly, Northern Territory is missing a state representative....We have a small number of "Friends & Supporters" of the APF who possibly would love to meet over coffee etc on the odd occasion. Are you the one to help us arrange these informal events?  If you would like to know more please click  here to view our current advertisement(s).

Morning Tea in Darwin

We arranged a coffee morning, and although one member rsvp’d and met with me and it was a very enjoyable morning with the Darwin monsoon rain pouring around us. 

I did visit a lovely couple from Darwin who travelled down for investigations and subsequent surgery at RAH. It was very pleasing to hear of the success and their subsequent return home.

2013 Pituitary Disease and Treatments

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Our patient education seminar in Darwin on 11th May had a small attendance. The local doctors helped us promote this event, but it seems that other priorities took place for some patients not to attend.  Of those who did, they found the morning very informative and having a smaller group created a better “intimacy” for want of a better word, to be able to discuss concerns freely.

Dr. Louise Ciin and Dr Sridhar Chitturi, Endocrinologists from Royal Darwin Hospital presented with Assoc. Prof. Warrick Inder, guest speaker. It was great to introduce couples and patients together and it was agreed that Cristel (SA representative) will host the odd get together in Darwin when she visits for business.

2013 - GP Education event

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This event was held at the Travelodge in Darwin on Friday evening, 10th July, 2013.  Interest and attendance was beyond our expectations for a smaller population with 24 local doctors and nurses attending. Assoc. Prof. Warrick Inder, from Princess Alexandra presented for us on “recognising the patient in primary care” and “long term follow up”.  

Cristel, originally from Darwin, told of per personal story of the difficulties and frustration of trying to find a reason for all her debilitating symptoms, ending with a personal thank you to the Endocrinologist who “picked it straight off”. Sue also spoke of a long diagnosis time, and the fact that her conditions was cyclicable (meaning the blood tests were normal and not normal at other times) also mentioning that she knew from the signals from her body that the condition had returned before getting results from blood tests. Both women encouraged doctors to listen to their patients, and Assoc. Prof. Inder re-enforced that opinion in his presentation.

Dr Michael Nixon (NT Remote Health), Sue Kozij, Dr Warrick Inder, Dr AnnieWhybourne (Paediatrician), Cristel Woelfel, Dr Barbara Bauert (Public Health Physician)

Everyone enjoyed it so much they remained seated on conclusion for a relaxed question and answer setting.  On arrival while welcoming guests a question was asked by an attendee: “What one most profound symptom would inspire me to run those expensive tests?” The answer?  “Usually you need to identify a cluster of symptoms, and one of the most profound symptoms for many is very common – fatigue.” After a quick chat with Dr Inder he then included in his presentation that it was a misconception that pituitary tests were expensive.