APF Support Queensland


The Queensland Branch has regular gatherings usually in the form of a luncheon or coffee afternoon in Brisbane. Patients, family members, friends, enquirers – all are welcome!

Services offered include telephone and email support for pituitary patients & carers, hospital visits (if local to Brisbane) upon request and information on conditions.

Annually the Queensland chapter strives to host educational seminars/information days for members and the general public.

Expressions of interest are requested by members who would like to form  regional groups (this could also incorporate those living in Northern NSW).

Sue has set up a paediatric support group in Brisbane.

Please contact Sue for more information.

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital education day

Download flyer here

Our inaugural paediatric education day in Queensland was thoroughly enjoyed by participants as far away as Warwick, Bundaberg and even a grandparent who flew in from Adelaide.

Thanks must go to many people:  Nurse, Jennifer la Cour and her team for putting the program together and making the day such a wonderful event, and the presenters who volunteered their time on a Saturday.

Content covered all things paediatric - The Pituitary Gland "101"; Septo-Optic Dysplasia: Puberty, Precocious and Delayed; Craniopharyngioma; Schooling and Camps; Emergency Plans and Sick Day Management Injection Workshop, concluding with an informal interview of a family and mature aged son on their perspective of treatment and support; and an endocrinologists take on managing a child with panhypopituitarism. 

Families lining up for the Solu-Cortef  injection workshop with Karen Bragg and Jen la Cour Dr Yassmin Musthaffa, Nurse Jen La Cour, A/Prof Louise Cornwell and Prof Jerry Wales Dr Andrew Cotterill
with Connor and his parents 
Kim Bennett and Mary Collis
State Schools Nursing Service 
Dr Dianne Jensen and
Dr Robert Campbell 
Mums and Grandmas
networking during the morning

QLD Xmas Get Together

Xmas Gathering 2015

Had a great day with the usual crowd in November.  As heat waves were overwhelming us on the eastern side of Australia we decided to give the ferry ride up the Brisbane River a miss and instead have a BBQ at our place with the air conditioner gong full ball!  Some stayed back for a swim in the pool.

Group at Masters 2015  People at Masters
Then the following Saturday a few of us gathered at Masters to do a sausage sizzle fund-raiser.  We had the banner up and had conversations with a few people regarding the pituitary gland and the endocrine system in general.  So, killed 2 birds with one stone so to speak – fund-raising and awareness all in one hit.

Thanks so much to the people who assist me here at the Queensland branch, we always have such fun and it was lovely to see you all.

Brisbane Tramway Museum

Our day at the Brisbane Tramway Museum on Sunday 29th March was great.  Apart from meeting new members we all had a ball going back and forth on the old trams and looking at the small museum.  Brought back memories for some…(?)  We enjoyed a cold picnic, thanks to everyone who contributed. 

We welcomed a couple of new members, and very importantly a new little friendship was formed by 2 children with pituitary disorders.

Kozij's Comfy Cottage Lunch

We had the Tram Museum in Brisbane all lined up for a fun-filled lunch and an afternoon of historical information and tram rides….   Then the heat hit.  42o expected, so it was a quick shift to our home for an enjoyable afternoon (with the air-conditioners blasting - hence the Cosy Cottage).

It was so lovely to see everyone again, as it had been a while.  Giorgi had grown so many cm’s she had caught up to her Mum, Helen had given birth to her first baby 5 weeks prior, Emma had been travelling overseas, Linda’s face had transformed from bright red and puffy to a person I did not recognize at first (nice!), and all the others had stories to tell since we last got together.

Mt. Cootha Planetarium

What a wonderful afternoon we had at the Mt. Cootha Planetarium. They have a great skydome there and we were all in awe 

After the show we mingled over afternoon tea and met up with a Mum and her little daughter who contacted me a few months ago. It was a great opportunity for her to catch up with Carolyn, the support person who I asked what APF can offer as part of social support.watching the show "Cosmic Collisions".  About 30 or so attended including our adult members and paediatric members. The kids had a great time and I just loved seeing all the parents networking.  The adults also "lit up" seeing each other again, and we welcomed 2 new faces who I hope will continue to come along. 

We all enjoyed ourselves and met up with a couple of new members and I hope they
enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs. It was also a chance
for her to “test and try”