QLD Xmas Get Together

Xmas Gathering 2015

Had a great day with the usual crowd in November.  As heat waves were overwhelming us on the eastern side of Australia we decided to give the ferry ride up the Brisbane River a miss and instead have a BBQ at our place with the air conditioner gong full ball!  Some stayed back for a swim in the pool.

Group at Masters 2015  People at Masters
Then the following Saturday a few of us gathered at Masters to do a sausage sizzle fund-raiser.  We had the banner up and had conversations with a few people regarding the pituitary gland and the endocrine system in general.  So, killed 2 birds with one stone so to speak – fund-raising and awareness all in one hit.

Thanks so much to the people who assist me here at the Queensland branch, we always have such fun and it was lovely to see you all.

Travena Farm

A wonderful day was had by all, parents and children alike when we visited Trevena Glen Farm out near Samford.


The visit started with a horse ride and ended with a wonderful sausage sizzle. The children also had the chance to feed a hungry and noisy piglet, and some very hungry lambs. Everyone enjoyed the hayride around the farm pointing out the different things we saw. Holding a chicken seemed to be a big hit and the parents had a chance to catch up with one another. It was great to welcome a new family to the group who said they got so much out of meeting everyone.

Lunch on "Superstorm Day" in Brisbane

We inadvertently chose the weekend of the “Superstorms” to have our luncheon for adults in Brisbane City.

After navigating the high winds and broken tree limbs on the roads to arrive safely at our destination, we found that the restaurant was in a spot of bother with 2 windows  blown out and the fire alarm whaling.

One of our guests was stranded at the train station and 2 others found shelter, but eventually found their way to the restaurant. Only 8 attended,  we still enjoyed the company and welcomed two new members who I am sure got something out of sharing their experiences.

Paediatric Geckoes Wildlife Fun

Geckoes Wildlife Presentations fun day for families was a great success with everyone enjoying a sausage sizzle BBQ. We had a number of families attend who brought their children, grandparents etc. It was a great excuse for the kids to enjoy an Easter egg or two as well!

APF would like to thank Geckoes Wildlife Presentations for partially subsidising this event by giving us a great discount. I have seen their presentations and have no hesitation in recommending them. Ph: 07 3289 4709 or visit their website www.geckoeswildlife.com.au and say the APF recommended them!


Queens Park Nature Reserve

A small number of people got together to visit Queens Park, near Brisbane. Emma compares MedicAlert bracelets with Aiden and Elizabeth.The day was beautiful to roam around the wildlifecenter and enjoy each other’s company. The children loved looking over all the different varieties of Aussie animals – the baby farmyard was a special delight. We then had a lovely spot on the verandah overlooking the parklands to enjoy an afternoon tea.


Morning Tea Guest: Addisons Australia

Tracey from the Australian Addisons Disease Association Inc. joined us for morning tea at a private residence in Brisbane. Both groups have similarities where some people with pituitary insifficiency need replacement cortisol which is usually manufactured by our adrenal glands. Please go to www.addisons.org.au to see their website.

The turnout was pretty good with us all gathering around the dining table for active conversation. It was interesting to hear Tracey's experiences leading up to her diagnosis of Addison's. In turn Tracey said our stories and information were fascinating. 


Backyard BBQ

APF Feb 09 008 compressed.jpg

A BBQ was held in the western suburbs of Brisbane in February with a good attendance. Russ Fairweather, a director from Sydney flew up for the day to meet members.  Parents Richard & Carolyn attended with their children and had everyone spell bound while listening to their story of raising their child Siobhan who was born with congenital hypo-pituitarism.  Most attendees had acquired this thru surgery at an adult age and were horrified that little children also had to manage hormone replacement.




Paediatric Fun Guest: Helen Kearney

We all had a delightful day with two guests, Helen Kearny, who is the Endocrine Nurse from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, and a Mum who was visiting Brisbane due to her son’s medical appointment through the week.

Helen was just great, discussing schooling issues and hydrocortisone concerns with families and joining in on the fun. We would like to thank Helen so much for attending.

Another highlight of the day was having member, Alyse also join us (far right in photo below). It was great to hear her share her story of loosing her hormonal function at a very early age, growing up with panhypopituitarism and looking wonderfully healthy and bright, encouraging parents that all will be well when their kids get older.



Paediatric Guest: Marina Noud

Qld paeds 1 Aug 09.JPG

It was decided that a small number of families get together for a casual BBQ with Marina Noud, Paediatric Endocrine Nurse from the Mater Children’s Hospital as our guest speaker. Marina chatted with parents, discussing all sorts of issues including transition from children’s services to adult services. The kids had a good day as well, throwing the ball for the dogs and watching videos.

Education & Social Day

Thanks must go to Dr. Andrew Cotterill, Paediatric Endocrinologist from the Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. Many topics were discussed ranging from how to administer medication and to attend to your child while waiting for the ambulance to arrive to facts regarding adolescence and puberty.

Dr. Cotterill also facilitated a discussion group with the families, catering not only for medical questions, but also allowing the families to explore emotional issues associated with raising a child with pituitary illness.

Pit_Kids_1a.JPG   Qld_groupa.JPG Mumsa.JPG 


The outcome of the day was that all agreed it was very informative and beneficial. The kids got to meet one another and have fun (including ice cream and jelly!) and the parents were able to exchange information and form connections. 

McCafe in Townsville


A small group met at McCafe the day after a seminar in Townsville. This was well received and social support in NQ was discussed with enthusiasm. We hope to attract more members so that we can expand our support activities in North Queensland.

Synapse Lecture

Anna Petrou (left) and Clare Humphries (right) from Synapse (formally known as Brain Injury Association of Qld) spoke on what Synapse does, and then covered some details about the brain and how it works. Often depression and living with a disability can affect someone’s behaviour. Anna works in the marketing and communications department alongside Clare who is a Community Response Officer.

The weather wasn't kind with plenty of last minute cancellations - so an intimate group listened intently. We were pleased to have a special family attend, whose teenager suffered mild brain injury and pituitary dysfunction due to swelling of the brain a few years ago.