2014 Glenelg Seminar

For those who attended, I am sure they got so much out of the morning educational held at Comfort Inn Haven Marina, Glenelg. 

What a great line up of speakers, all who are experts in the field of pituitary.  Dr Santorenos last presented for us in 2008, and it was very exciting to see the positive changes evolving with neurosurgery. Dr Mah and Dr Torpy once again gave such interesting talks.  Thank you to all 3 speakers who took the timeout of their busy world to contribute to our goals. Providing a forum for patients to learn more about their disease and management is so extremely important. 

Dr Santeorenos, Dr Peak Man Mah,
Dr David Torpy
Managing Hormone Replacements
Speaker:  Dr. Peak Mann Mah,
Lyell McEwin Hospital, Elizabethvale.

Cushing’s Disease and an overall
presentation on tumours
Speaker:  Dr David Torpy,
Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide.
Latest surgical interventions
Speaker:  Dr Stephen Santorenos,
Memorial Hospital, Adelaide. 

BioGrid Database
Speaker:  Dr David Torpy, 
Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide

The bio-grid database is about to turn pituitary research around! Talk to your Endocrinologist and ask him if you can register to be part of this. 

2012 Glenelg Seminar

We had our education morning at Glenelg, a beautiful spot.  A good number attended although we would always be delighted to have more.

Download flyer here

Our four guest speakers all addressed current/relevant issues:

  • Dr Elaine Tham  - on paediatric disorders
  • Dr Penelope Coates - on pathology investigations for hypoglycaemia in babies and growth disorders in older children.
  • Dr Coates also spoke on  biochemical testing for pituitary function in adults
  • Dr Peak Mann Mah  - on Diabetes Insipidus
  • Dr David Torpy  - on pituitary overview and general open discussion on adult disorders including Q and A time.

All four speakers were informative, comprehensible and open to questions. We broke for lunch a little overwhelmed at all the information, but certainly better clued-up and empowered. Some of the speakers also stayed for lunch and members were able to comfortably interact with them.


2008 Seminar at Glenelg

This seminar, which was held as part of Pituitary Awareness Week, was a great success.  A full day included presentations from:

  • Professor David Torpy, Endocrinologist, who gave a very informative and descriptive overview of the pituitary gland and information on some medications currently being researched. 

  • Dr Santoreneos, Neurosurgeon, who presented some graphic but very interesting slides of procedures for surgery on pituitary tumours.  One member, following Dr Santoreneos' talk, was explaining that he had already decided he would never undergo any further surgery on his tumour but after the neurosurgeon's talk changed his mind, having gained confidence in the procedure during the presentation. 

  • Dr Elaine Tham, a Paediatric Endocrinologist who gave an excellent presentation on childhood endocrine disorders and she made a real connection with several mothers at the seminar who all have young children with pituitary disorders. 

  • Jenny Nairn, Endocrine Nurse, who put quite a bit of humour into her presentation but the underlying and serious theme of continual medical overview of transition from childhood to adulthood was the main focus of her talk.  Jenny wanted to emphasize particularly to younger patients the importance of continuing with medication and gave some good examples of what happens - slowly - if medication is not maintained.  Jenny also gave information on breakdowns due to low cortisol and gave very clear and informative details on how patients were to recognise signals and take precautions.

  • Lynne Singlewood, Naturopath, who addressed the group on basic and sensible diet, and vitamins.  She had done some extensive research on endocrine disorders and diet. 

  • Loretta Schar, Carer, who spoke of her own experience as a carer for her husband and the impact that it has had on the whole family over the years:  

P7190181a.JPG  P7190183a.JPG  P7190190a.JPG

Everyone stayed to mingle after the seminar and almost everyone came up to thank us for putting on such an informative day.  Two carers in particular came up to me and quite emotionally thanked me personally as they felt that the issues of carers were also addressed.  Many of the young mothers went away relieved to know they weren't alone.

Patient Seminar - Repatriation Hospital 2010

“Pituitary Repatriation” we thought was a suitable title for our pituitary awareness seminar which was held at Repatriation General Hospital. 

The day was well attended with a full house of around 45. Many questions were asked and answered and the luncheon on conclusion allowed patients to meet.  As you can see we all had a lovely time!

Thank you must go to the presenters (L to R below)

  • Venecia Willenberg, Endocrine nurse, spoke very candidly about dynamic testing and working with patients
  • Dr. Peak Mann Mah, Endocrinologist from Lyell McEwin Hospital gave insight into conditions considered medical emergencies
  • Dr. Morton Burt, Endocrinologist, who discussed overproduction of pituitary hormones
  • Prof. Ian Chapman, Endocrinologist, Royal Adelaide Hospital, spoke of hormone treatments

Unfortunately we were unable to secure a paediatric presentation in 2010, so it was a wonderful surprise to meet Julie Reynolds, Paediatric Nurse from Adelaide Royal Children’s Hospital there. Thank you as well must go to Pam Taylor who helped us organize the day and Brenda Mangelsdorf (both pictured below) who assisted us with the set up the day before.

Pam Taylor, Southern Adelaide Diabetes & Endocrine Services Unit Manager and Brenda Mangelsdorf,
Research Assistant for Dr. Morton Burt
 Loretta Schar, SA APF Coordinator, Nurse JulieReynolds from Women’s & Children’s Hospital
and APFmember, Craig Nolan who was born
without a pituitary gland