APF Support Victoria

Steven Lewis

Steve Lewis is State Coordinator for the VIC Branch and will take care of the members in VIC.  Steve has undergone two pituitary surgeries himself and is keen about contributing to making a difference to the lives of those living with pituitary disorders. Steve will be facilitating regular social support gatherings and is also keen to increase the membership base in Victoria and encourage younger persons to become involved.

Please contact Steve for more information

We are currently seeking a paediatric state coordinator to assist Steve. The role of the state coordinator is easy and flexible.  

Please, contact us and we'll let you know what's involved.   

Latest get together

A small catch up was very enjoyable in Melbourne recently.  We had to get rugged up though as you can see!  Please see the events section for our next catch up.

2016 Sunshine Hospital

Download the flyer here

The dual paediatric/adult seminar at Sunshine Hospital (Western Health) was a very interesting day.  The morning paediatric session saw parents fly in from South Australia and others drive over 300 klms to attend.  How interesting were the talks that centered around septo-optic dysplasia, developmental delay and interactions between blindness and childhood development also diabetes insipidus in children. Vision Australia also presented on services they could provide families. 

Dr Danielle Longmore, Dr Martin Wright,
A/Prof Christine Rodda
 Cara Green, Sue Kozij, Josie Green
Both adults and parents of children took the opportunity to participate in an emergency injection workshop conducted by Josie Green, Paediatric Endocrine Nurse at Monash Children’s Hospital and Cara Green from Knox Private Hospital.

 A/Prof  Shane Hamblin with
Dr Chris Yates
Dr Ie-WenSim,
Western Health:
Dr Thu Mai, Monash IVF: 

The afternoon session focused on fertility issues for adults with Panhypopituitarism (Dr Ie-Wen Sim, Western Health and Dr Thu Mai, Monash IVF), peri-operative management (Dr Chris Yates, Western Health) and long term care and relationships with medical teams (A/Prof Shane Hamblin, Western Health).  The fertility aspects for both genders were very informative. 

All the doctors and nurses answered questions making the day a very informal informative day. The Foundation would like to thank A/Prof Christine Rodda & A/Prof Shane Hamblin for helping us put together the program.  

Thanks also to our sponsors Ipsen, Novartis, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, SciGen, Ferring and Chiasma.