2013 St Vincent's Hospital

Dr Nirupa Sachithanandan, Dr Carmelo
Dr Kylie McLaughlan, Dr Bala Krishnamurthy
(Mr Yi Yuen Wang was absent from photo)

The St Vincent’s seminar has also now taken place and proved equally enjoyable. You know; it doesn’t matter how many seminars we attend, we always learn something new. Even when you think you may have heard it all before, a new perspective, advances in technology and technique or a greater understanding derived through research results in a morning where attendees are all delighted with the presentations and information they receive. Further, the opportunity to meet up with old friends, and even make some new ones, is always a really important, and favoured part of the day.  

Thank you to everybody who made the morning such a success. Special thanks in particular to Dr Carmela Caputo for her efforts in coordinating her colleagues at St Vincent’s Hospital to share their time with us.

2011 Alfred Hospital

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What a great turnout to the seminar at the Alfred Hospital. Full house!! Even though it was an early start, with at least one member coming from as far as Ballarat, the morning ran perfectly and was wonderfully informative.

Dr Michael Dally donated his time to speak to us all about radiotherapy including some really interesting discussion about its history and how it is conducted now. Dr Shane Hamblin’s presentation was most educational, covering all aspects of pituitary endocrine problems with some particularly amusing analogies and anecdotes. Mr Nikki Maartens produced an exciting array of endoscopic surgery facts and films.
 Dr. Niki Maartens, Kellie & Dr. Shand Hamblin  Dr. Michael Dally

2011 Geelong

Another regional success!!  Geelong attendance was up to approximately 40 which is super and I would sincerely like to thank all members who made the trek to another regional centre. I was thrilled with the number of people and also very pleased with the four new speakers who contributed to our event. In the spirit of keeping our seminars educational and fresh I think we really achieved it with Natalie Harrison’s presentation about the endocrine issues we all face, Peter McNeill’s history of neurosurgery, Rob Conyers discussion about pathology testing and the things we all need to consider and inform the collectors of, and finally, David Lun’s both informative and incredibly amusing presentation about MRI and CT scanning.

 Dr David Lun, Mr. Peter McNeill, Kellie Dines, Dr Rob Conyers  Dr. Natalie Harrison with Kellie 


In fact, there were quite a few giggles shared over the course of the morning proving that we do need to maintain our sense of humour to help us on our journeys’ with pituitary disease.  

2010 St. John of God Hospital, Bendigo

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The Pituitary Awareness Seminar held at St. John of God Hospital in Bendigo was excellent. Attendees travelled from as far as Sydney, Melbourne, Albury, Wodonga, Swan Hill and Gippsland area. There was a winter chill in the air, with temperatures freezing!

The hospitality extended by St. John of God Hospital, Endocrine & Diabetes Eductor Deirdre Thorn and her staff was warm and welcoming. The Foundation was pleased to bring this event to regional Victoria and plans, where-ever possible, to continue to service areas such as Bendigo. Thank you as well to Deirdre who hosted an afternoon gathering for patients after the event so they could network and chat.

The Foundation would like to thank all the presenters for travelling into Bendigo from various areas including Sydney. (left to right with Kellie on the end)

  • Mr. Brett McCann, CEO Impotence Australia, Sydney
  • Ms. Susie Burrell, Specialist Weight Management Dietician, the Children’s Hospital at Westmead Sydney
  • Dr. Carmela Caputo & Prof. Frank Alford, Endocrinologists St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne
  • Dr. Robert Campagnaro, Respiratory Physician, St. John of God Hospital, Bendigo
  • Dr. Scott Eaton, Psychiatrist, Sternberg Clinic, Bendigo
  • Ms. Deirdre Thorn, Diabetes Educator & Endocrine Nurse, St. John of God Hospital, Bendigo

2001 APF Seminar

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2009 St. Vincent's Hospital

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A full morning of pituitary presentations was appreciated by our members, patients and their families at St Vincents Hospital, Fitzroy. The speakers covered a variety of topics, addressing different aspects of managing and living with a pituitary condition for both adults and children. These specialist speakers generously gave up a part of their precious weekend to provide our audience with quality presentations and the opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A session.

Our sincere thanks go to:

  • Dr. Warrick Inder who spoke at length about adult GH replacement
  • Dr. Carmela Caputo, understanding the gland and troublesome non-functioning macroadenomas
  • Dr. Christina Jang, Prolactinoma treatments and their effects including medication tolerance
  • Dr. Michele O’Connell, Growth and development of boys and girls with hypopituitarism
 Dr. Carmela Caputo; Dr. Michele O’Connell; Dr. Warrick Inder; Dr. Christina Jang  

2008 Epworth Private Hospital

The day commenced with Associate Professor Gavin Fabinyi who spoke about pituitary surgery. He was aided by a slide presentation which was extremely informative especially for the vast majority of the audience who had either had surgery or were scheduled to. He was later joined by Dr Niki Maartens who spoke about advances in pituitary surgery. Again, this was such a fantastic insight into what we can expect over the coming years with regards to surgery. Dr Maartens even went so far as to say that some day, in the future, pituitary tumours could be treated by medication alone.

Dr Margaret Zacharin spoke about Paediatric Endocrinology. Dr Zacharin advised us of the various pituitary illnesses in children and also how treatment for brain tumours can affect the pituitary gland. This was followed by Andrea Dwyer, a Life Coach, who spoke about implementing basic strategies in our lives to help manage and deal with illness on an everyday basis. Andrea got the audience involved with interactive exercises and lots of questions. 

Dr. Walter Plewhe spoke about pituitary illnesses and endocrinology in general. He discussed the various illnesses and how these are diagnosed. Dr Plewhe then spoke about treatment and management. Again this was an incredibly informative presentation.

Our last speaker of the day was Dr Emma Guymer who is a Consultant Rheumatologist. Dr Guymer spoke about all our aches and pains and how we can best cope with them. We are all obviously feeling a little achy as there were a lot of questions for Dr Guymer at the conclusion of her talk!