APF Support Western Australia

Peter Marsh has taken the reins of volunteering to be the state coordinator for Western Australia. Pete is happy to facilitate social support gatherings in WA and loves meeting people with similar issues to himself. He is also very proud to bring together families of children when he can in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere.

Please contact Pete for more information.

Whiteman Park

We meet up for a barbeque on the 3rd April at Whiteman Park, and it was a beautiful day. There were around 15 of us, with a new face turning up which was good to see. 

The kids had fun kicking the footy around, while the adults chattered. Everyone bought something to share as while we all helped cooking the BBQ.

I think everyone had a fun time.  

History of APF in WA

In 1994 Kevin and Elizabeth met for a coffee, in a suburban coffee shop, having being introduced to each other, via phone, by a mutual friend.  This friend, in her wisdom, thought it would be beneficial for two fellow suffers of a pituitary condition to meet.  Therein lay the beginnings of support in WA.

The meeting was so beneficial that further coffee shop meetings were held and gradually, through word of mouth, others joined the group.   At the same time, the APF was being  established in Sydney and so WA joined forces.   Meetings branched out to picnics and  home dinners but were always socially based.  Cheryl and Lana came on board in the early years and together with Kevin and Elizabeth the group have worked collaboratively for many many years, providing support, education and warmth to individuals and families affected by pituitary disease. 

Emily then took the reins for a couple of years. Emily was diagnosed with a Prolactinoma in 2007 while she was living in a regional area.  Like a lot of people she had spoken to, access to information and diagnostic services was not easy and she was very glad to have come across the APF.  

For a period of time the WA branch languished without a coordinator, and we are pleased to welcome Pete.