What We Do

The Australian Pituitary Foundation is involved in a number of activities including:

  • Supporting healthcare professionals
  • Networking with endocrine support groups
  • Lobbying government
  • Providing a support network
  • Arranging education & social activities
  • Promoting Pituitary awareness

The APF aims to provide support and information for both adults and children with pituitary conditions, their families, healthcare professionals and the public.

The APF’s objectives are to:

  • provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas and for the discussion of problems related to pituitary disorders.
  • promote public awareness of pituitary disorders and the need for government support
  • act as a resource group providing support and disseminating information.
  • encourage scientific research for the prevention, alleviation, care, treatment and cure of
    pituitary disorders.

We’ve established a patient support group which exchanges information, experiences and canvasses a range of strategies through a library of literature, as well as meetings, telephone contacts and online networks. The Foundation helps promote a sense of unity and support which in turn makes you feel more in control. A strong body of literature shows that belonging to such a group can assist with well-being.

  • Initial telephone contact to enquirers who have been newly diagnosed or seeking communication.
  • Social support meetings are held in most states. Your state representative can provide more information.
  • A phone and email Patient Contact Register is available for “Friends &Supporters” of the APF who want to personally contact other “Friends & Supporters” of the APF with a pituitary-related illness. The register for adults/carers/parents of children is available to current “Friends &Supporters” of the APF only.
  • Educational seminars throughout Australia with DVDs of the seminars available for regional and remote “Friends & Supporters” of the APF.
  • Support teleconferencing groups that connect you with others who are going through a similar experience, no matter where you are in Australia.It gives an opportunity to give and receive support, share experiences,information, and practical tips, tools and strategies.