Charities during Covid-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic has led to significant downturn across all industries leading to treasurer Josh Frydenberg confirming yesterday that Australia is in its first recession in 29 years. Within the charitable and not-for-profit space, the forecasts are just as dim with recent reports suggesting we are headed for a “funding cliff” when the government JobKeeper support ceases [Read here]

It has led me to reflect on the viability of the Australian Pituitary Foundation which at this stage is a small, but rising player on the philanthropic stage. Our foundation has been established over 25 years ago however continues to be without government funding despite the great work it has done over these years. We are thus fully reliant on donations and sponsorships, with every resource produced, event or seminar held, and patient support given made available due to funds either pledged or received. In this way, the Australian Pituitary Foundation has established a financial model to survive these times.

It is prudent then to acknowledge those corporate partners that silently support the Australian Pituitary Foundation, allowing us to function and support all of those living with pituitary conditions.

We are indebted to Matthew McArdle (Partner) and his team at Doquile Perrett Meade who have provided pro-bono financial services to the APF since 2018. They have assisted in all financial aspects and guided us to maintain our viability even through these difficult times.

Our head office was moved to Hawthorn in Victoria in 2018 and our office space has been provided pro-bono by Signus Australia. The value of this expansive space allowing us to coordinate meetings, store archival equipment, and run a professional base based in Hawthorn is immeasurable and we acknowledge Amanda Polites (COO) and Mary Taylor (GM) for their continued support.

Dan Creasey and the pro-bono team from King & Wood Mallesons have provided legal support over the past two years. The responsiveness of the Australia-wide team to meet the needs of the Foundation are much appreciated.

We are grateful to the sponsorships of partner hospitals who have generously supported our patient education seminars. In particular, St Vincent’s Private Hospital and the Epworth Hospital have freely provided meeting space and catering pro-bono for our seminars over the past two years. This support comes to us at the Foundation, but in the end goes to our entire pituitary community.

We also acknowledge the partnerships that the Australian Pituitary Foundation has had with the pharmaceutical industry in working together to provide supports for the pituitary community over the years. In particular we acknowledge Ipsen and Recordati who have provided active collaborations to us over the past two years.