Craniotomy for Pituitary Tumours – a neurosurgeon’s perspective

admin@apf-2018 |

A new interview has been released on our youtube channel discussing the status of pituitary surgery during the Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of neurosurgeon Mr James King.

Mr King is a neurosurgeon at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne Private and Epworth Hospital (Geelong). He has undergone post-fellowship training in brain tumours with a specific focus on the endoscopic trans-nasal approach for pituitary tumours, and other cranial conditions amenable to the trans-nasal approach. He is the supervisor of neurosurgery training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and is an examiner for the Neurosurgery Society of Australia.

We are extremely grateful to James for giving of his time to answer questions posed by our director, and pituitary patient Malini Raj regarding the risks of craniotomy versus trans-sphenoidal surgery for pituitary tumours. The interview is especially relevant for Malini who has had an upcoming trans-sphenoidal surgery delayed due to the Covid-19 situation and is borne out in the depth of questions with personal relevance to her.

To access the interview follow this link