EOFY Appeal

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As we near the end of the 2019-20 financial year, I am proud of the events and activities that the Australian Pituitary Foundation has held this year. From educational events, improved patients resources (including patient journey folders, and updated information sheets), on-line communication means and the establishment of the inaugural research fund, your Foundation has worked hard to put patient support and education at the forefront of its activities. And all this whilst we continue to rely on the donations and supports of our pituitary community and corporate collaborations.

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At this time I encourage you to consider how the Australian Pituitary Foundation has assisted you, or impacted on your journey through living with pituitary conditions. Through the Covid-19 period we have had to cut-back on our face-to-face seminars but are working hard behind the scenes to create our on-line webinars over the coming months. We elected to proceed with an on-line launch of the Australian Pituitary Foundation Research Fund as opposed to a delayed launch in glitz and glamour. These events are vital to the mission of the Australian Pituitary Foundation for our pituitary community past, present and in the future.

If you have been positively affected by the Australian Pituitary Foundation, or are moved by stories such as Amanda’s (read here), I would ask you to consider donating whatever amount you are able to spare during to the Foundation.

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All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible and can be directed to the Education Program, Research Fund or Community Support.

Our pituitary patients thank you, the families of our pituitary patients thank you, the medical and nursing professionals looking after pituitary patients thank you, and we, the board of the Australian Pituitary Foundation also thank you for your kind donations.