Social Distancing

APF Admin |

Dear Friends & Members,

I hope you are all keeping safe and sane during this period of stress. Over this period it is important to heed the advice of our Government bodies and the Chief Medical Officer. In particular the advice around social distancing is extremely important, and even mores for those living with chronic diseases.

A simple illustration that has been drawn up demonstrates the power of social distancing in stopping the spread of disease and is visible here. Stepping away from activities and gatherings that you would otherwise normally attend may seem excessive but the impact to stop the spread starts with every individual.

Remember that whilst the majority of Covid-19 infections are mild and self-limiting it is the spread to our frail and at-risk communities that we are trying to prevent. Our health system has a finite amount of resources and flattening the curve is one way to ensure everyone who needs it has access to appropriate care.

Lastly, to our health professionals – nurses, doctors, allied health, hospital ancillary services… THANK YOU for continuing to work through this time to treat our patients. You are at the frontline holding our community together and deserve all the recognition for this.

Yi Yuen