Shining a light on pituitary conditions this Christmas…

Your generosity will help give hope to young inspiring patients like Elizabeth.

Did you know the pituitary gland is often called the “master gland”?

This is because it makes hormones that control other glands and many systems of the body!

The importance of connection…

We provide ongoing support to patients and families living with pituitary conditions.

We did it!

Once weekly growth hormone treatment now on the PBS. Click here to watch our story on 10 News First.

A little about us

The Australian Pituitary Foundation (APF) provides valuable support and information for patients, and their families, living with pituitary conditions. But that’s not all! We are also committed to raising much-needed awareness and advocacy within the community about pituitary conditions, as well as vital funds to go towards research into the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of these conditions.

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As a member, you will be contributing to critical research into the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of pituitary conditions, as well as helping us to raise much-needed awareness about these conditions.  You will also be helping us to provide valuable education, patient advocacy and ongoing support to patients and their families.

To become a member of APF, there is an annual fee of $50.00, which is renewable on the 1st July every year. To get started, click on the ‘Become an APF Member’ button below and follow our simple registration process.

Let’s get together to raise awareness …

October is “Pituitary Awareness Month”!

Every October we’re given the opportunity to raise much-needed awareness about pituitary conditions, and how they impact patients and their families.  “Pituitary Awareness Month” is the perfect time for us to learn more about these conditions, including signs and symptoms, treatments, and available support.

So, to get you into the swing of “Pituitary Awareness Month”, we have arranged a series of fun family-friendly events to be held in Melbourne, Sydney and on the Gold Coast, during the month of October. Are you intrigued?  Click ‘Learn More’ to find out more!

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