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Giving day update!

Thanks to your incredible generosity and support, we were able to reach our goal of $30,000, as part of this year’s Giving Day!

Your contributions will fund our crucial GP Education Program, designed to support early and more accurate diagnosis of pituitary conditions.  Early diagnosis can significantly improve treatment outcomes and quality of life for pituitary patients, providing them with a better chance at a healthier future.

Thank you!

Your official events listing

Australian Pituitary Foundation’s Inaugural Masquerade Gala Ball

Saturday 5 October 2024 | State Library Victoria
$250 per ticket or $2250 for a table of 10
Includes canapes on arrival, 3-course dinner, beer wine and soft drinks.

Join us to celebrate 30 years of supporting patients and families affected by pituitary conditions at the Australian Pituitary Foundation’s Inaugural Masquerade Gala Ball. This elegant evening will be filled with entertainment, exquisite dining, and the opportunity to connect with others who share a passion for making a difference.

The masquerade theme reflects the nature of pituitary conditions, which are often masked by other symptoms, making diagnosis a challenging journey. By raising awareness, we aim to unveil the mysteries surrounding these conditions and bring them to light.

All proceeds from the night will go towards the establishment of a dedicated nurse helpline, providing vital support and information to those navigating the challenges of pituitary conditions. Dress to impress and don your most captivating mask for a night of connection and community. Your presence and generosity will help us continue our mission to increase awareness, and provide valuable support and information, for patients living with pituitary conditions, and their families.

To book your tickets, visit:

Join us at one of our free, cozy coffee catch-up events for our members. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet, mingle and share experiences in a warm and welcoming environment.


  • Sunday 7th July, 10am – 12pm: Venue to be Confirmed
  • Sunday 22nd September, 10am – 12pm: Venue to be Confirmed
  • Sunday 1st December, 12pm – 2pm: Venue to be Confirmed


  • Sunday 7th July 2024, 10.30am – 12.30pm: Lobbs Cafe, 589-591 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
  • Sunday 13th October 2024, 10am – 12pm: Venue to be Confirmed
  • Sunday 1st December 2024, 1pm – 3pm: Venue to be Confirmed


  • Sunday 7th July 2024, 10am – 12pm: Venue to be Confirmed
  • Sunday 6th October 2024, 10am – 12pm: Venue to be Confirmed
  • Sunday 1st December 2024, 10am – 12pm: Venue to be Confirmed

To register for these FREE EVENTS contact:
Brisbane: Sarah at / Melbourne: Lesley at / Perth: Mel at




Redfern Rhythms Music Night Update

Held in April at Woodburn Creative Studio, our Redfern Rhythms Music Night featured music, poetry, and creative expression to raise awareness for acromegaly.

We are pleased to announce that the event sold out and raised $2,645 for the APF.

Thank you to Sean and everyone involved!

Camino trail walk raises funds for the Foundation!

Ash and her father Anton embarked on the extraordinary journey, taking on the 800km trek along the historic Camino de Santiago.  This pilgrimage was not just a test of endurance, but a dedicated mission to shed light on the complexities and challenges of living with pituitary conditions.  Their journey symbolised the long and often difficult task many patients face, bringing much-needed attention and understanding of these conditions.

We’re pleased to announce that Ash and Anton’s trek was a big success, raising $10,365 for APF.  What an incredible effort!  Thank you to everyone that contributed to Ash and Anton’s mission.

APF Support Groups via Zoom

Our APF support groups kicked off in February and we’re thrilled with the turnout and engagement. These Zoom sessions provided a vital platform for patients living with pituitary conditions and their families to connect, share, and support one another.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce that the next round of support groups are being planned with the dates to be confirmed.

Watch this space!

A partnership that will make us all ‘Go Do Good’!

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Go Do Good, an Australian business specialising in unique Australian-designed jewellery, gifts, and Christmas decorations.

It was only by chance that we stumbled across the ‘Hope Dandelion’ range. And we’re so glad we did!  The pendent necklace and earrings are not only beautiful and elegant, but they also fit perfectly with our brand and what we stand for as an organisation.

So, to help celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we’re providing you with a code, APF30HOPE, that can be used when purchasing any piece from the ‘Hope Dandelion’ range, directly from the Go Do Good website.  A portion of the sale will go directly to APF to help fund critical research into the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of pituitary conditions, as well as helping us to raise much-needed awareness about these conditions. Simply click on the link below to make your purchase.

Now let’s ‘Go Do Good’!

Shari’s Story

Shari Dawson, our very own General Manager, shares her challenging Acromegaly journey with Australian media:

National 9 News7 NewsYahoo News

New York Post / The Mirror US / Unilad / 

Pituitary Awareness Days

  • ‘Rare Disease Day’ – 28th February
  • ‘Cushing’s Awareness Day’ – 8th April
  • ‘Child Growth Awareness Day’ – 20th September
  • ‘Pituitary Awareness Month’ – 1st October – 31st October
  • ‘Acromegaly Awareness Day’ – 1st November